Transistor’s Sales Sing at 600K Copies Sold

Last spring’s Transistor put creator Supergiant Games back on the map in the RPG scene. Now we know by how much, according to the studio’s latest findings.

As it was announced by the developer, Transistor‘s moved over 600,000 units since its release last May – its previous work, Bastion, sold 3 million copies to date comparably and only after its arrival to both PC and Xbox 360.

“Word-of-mouth is what kept Bastion going for way, way longer than we could have imagined, and it’s what’s kept Transistor going strong, too.” Supergiant Games said. “With the new year upon us, we checked our spreadsheets, rubbed our eyes, checked our spreadsheets again and can now report that, thus far, Transistor has sold well over 600,000 copies between Steam and the PlayStation Store.”

The sci-fi role-playing game’s selling even faster relative to Bastion during the first couple of months after its launch and earned itself over 70 accolades. We thought the game was a “fantastic ride from beginning to end” ourselves as more a “work of art,” than “just a video game.”

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Via Supergiant Games & Joystiq

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