Trials Rising Launching February 2019

Ubisoft’s E3 2018 press conference revealed Trials Rising, the latest entry in the physics-based biking franchise. Slated for a February 2019 release, it launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. With a more community-driven focus, Trials Rising hopes to foster the series’ growth.

Trials Rises Again

“Trials is all about crashing and getting up in style”

These fine words spoken by Antti Ilvessuo echo his newest game’s vision. As Ubisoft RedLynx’s creative director, Antti made his way to the stage on a motorcycle. Shortly after stepping on-stage, he deliberately knocked over a television and stand to set the stage for Trials Rising‘s announcement. He enthusiastically shouts “Trials is back! And it’s bigger than ever!”

The ensuing announcement trailer showcases random vistas you’ll race across before settling on the first gameplay shot. The race begins with a full eight-player track, a feature first introduced in the current gen versions of Trials Fusion. While it also released on Xbox 360, that version’s player limit caps out at four.

The rest of the trailer shows the usual assortment of Trials nonsense:

  • Large gaps
  • Loops
  • Explosions
  • Front flips and backflips
  • Miraculous crashes


“Our community has always been a pillar of Trials” – Antti Ilvessuo

Antti reclaimed the stage to discuss Trials Rising‘s new approach to easing lower level players into the physics-based shenanigans. He introduced Brad Hill, the “UniversityofTrials” professor. His YouTube channel, running since 2013, is dedicated to teaching players the ins and outs of Trials in addition to just playing the games.

According to Hill, “Twenty members known as the community elite have been involved in the development of this game for the past two years. Whether they were track builders, streamers, or speed-runners, each brought something special to help shape this game”. In addition to the elite’s closely-knit relationship with Ubisoft RedLynx, Brad Hill also helped develop Trials Rising‘s tutorials.

Trials Rising is set to give fans what they want. With direct community involvement, RedLynx is listening. The Trials showcase closed off with an “Epic Crashes” trailer.

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