Turmoil Game & DLC Steam Windows Key Giveaway

This April we are giving away Window Steam keys for the Turmoil game & DLC ! Nine winners will be chosen and there are several ways to enter! The giveaway will be open until April 27 so get your entries in today!

Turmoil, developed and published by Gamious, is a charming game that simulates the 19th century North American oil rush. Embrace both the rivalry and the rush to become a successful entrepreneur by digging up the liquid gold known as oil. Not only will your character get rich but your town will prosper along side of you. As your business grows, soon you can lease land to search for more oil. Building rigs, laying down pipes and storing the oil is all part of the fun. Don’t forget to sell your hard earned oil at the right time to achieve the best profit margin.

Use some of your profit to purchase upgrades for your town and rigs. Eventually earn enough town shares and you can apply to become mayor! Not everything in this game follows the rules. Players will have the opportunity to make shady deals by speaking with certain characters.

Each winner will receive a Windows Steam Key for the game of Turmoil and key for the DLC! You may learn more about Turmoil by visiting the Steam Store. Good Luck!

Turmoil Game & DLC Windows Steam Key Giveaway


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