Ubisoft To Make Major Changes To Rainbow Six Siege’s Renown System

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Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege is getting a lot of changes from Season 3 onwards. Aside from the recently announced co-op zombie mode, Season 3 also partially ushers out the games renown system. In a recent announcement, Ubisoft has said that the Renown cost for the original 20 Operators will be gone.


Rainbow 6 Seige, Ubisoft


In their words:

Beginning with the launch of Operation Chimera on March 6th (18:00 UTC), we will be removing the Renown cost of the original 20 Operators for all players who own the Standard Edition or the Advanced, Gold, and Complete editions. Additionally, we will be removing the Renown cost of attachments for all past and future Operators. This will mean that you have all attachments made available to you for all Operators.

However, Rainbow Six Siege players who have already purchased anything with Renown will not be getting a refund, due to “technical limitations.” Renown will also be removed for Attachments, giving lower-tier players a little extra edge when playing co-op. Speaking about Rainbow Six Siege players who have the Starter Edition, Ubisoft has mentioned that they will have an extra chance of having an Operator on their team.

The Starter Edition, which previously offered two random operators to those who purchased it, will now offer six random operators. These random selections are drawn from a pool including Ash, Thermite, Thatcher, Fuze, and Sledge from the attackers’ side, and Rook, Mute, Smoke, Jager and Kapkan from the defenders’ side.

By unlocking 3 Operators on Attack and another 3 on Defense, it means that Starter Edition players will have a better chance of an unlocked Operator being available to them in a match, as opposed to their 1-2 Operators being picked by someone else on the team. These 10 Operators have been selected because new players are able to understand their nuances more quickly, as well as allow high-level player/team support as their skill and knowledge progresses.

Source: Ubisoft Blog.

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