Uncharted Waters Online Receives Epic Update

Age of Revolution, Papaya Play

Uncharted Waters Online,  an epic free-to-play seafaring sandbox MMORPG, received a major chapter update. Age of Reason, the first major addition from the game’s new publisher, Papaya Play, is available now and introduces a variety of revolutionary new content and features.


  • Technologically advanced Steam Ships that convert steam into propulsion, and can be enhanced with the powerful (and sometimes volatile) Coal Fuel resource.
  • Job Research which can be conducted at the new Academic Association of Boston, granting unique and beneficial Job Specific Effects and allows you to master your job.
  • Remote new locales to explore in Central Asia, including the frigid and dangerous Himalayas.
  • New rare natural Phenomena, such as Jacob’s Ladder and new Discoveries to uncover.
  • An expanded Pets System, which now allows pets to learn Skills based on their Intimacy Level with their owner.
  • The amount of Ducats a player can carry has increased
  • Adjusted game difficulty and new player journey.
  • New Jobs, Mining activities, Industrial Revolutions, and more!

Two community events are also occurring alongside the Age of Reason release. A “special campaign” to highlight the update and a series of sales and discounts on packages designed to help players get the most out of different aspects of the new content.

Age of Reason is the final major chapter of the Age of Revolution Expansion. Full details of the update content and community events can be found at the Age of Reason Official website and the Community Events page.

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