Watch a Star Wars Space Combat Game That Never Came to Be

Remember the old Tie Fighter and X-Wing games? There have been space shooters since those in the Star Wars universe but other than modes in Star Wars Battlefront, there hasn’t been a modern attempt at those games. Kotaku has found out from studio Double Damage, that such a game was pitched to EA but nothing came of it. You can check out the footage above.

The footage comes from 2016 where Travis Baldree, head of Double Damage, “pitched a modernized take on X-Wing with all the classic bits”. As you can see in the gameplay above, the game would let you switch and take control of ships on the fly as the video shows a quick radial menu that let the player switch from the Millenium Falcon to an X-Wing. What’s even cooler is that when in control of the Falcon, Han and Chewbacca provide commentary, giving an added level of immersion.

This definitely would have been a neat idea, but it all depends on how the campaign was structured on how long the entertainment would sustain. It’s cool to see the game in action, but it was just a pitch and so a lot of systems would have been left out. Seeing Boba Fett appear during a mission makes me wonder if there was any desire to have bounties appear during missions for optional rewards.

No doubt, EA is not bummed by turning down the pitch though as they’re currently handling enough damage control from the Star Wars Battlefront II fiasco. Any Star Wars game that they would have been working on would have been put on hold most likely, and all projects would probably be re-evaluated. But hopefully we see something like this pitch from Double Damage at some point in the future.

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Source: Kotaku

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