This Week in Games: Sing with Apes and Knights

Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier
(Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier, FoxNext Games)

Wow, so this week is pretty slow. It’s almost like it’s soon the end of 2017. As I mentioned last week, there really aren’t any big tentpole releases coming anymore this year with very few exceptions. So This Week in Games is going to be a bit shorter each week or feature much smaller games that otherwise wouldn’t get any attention.

In what is probably the biggest release this week, Sony is offering a new PlayLink title that is centered around the Planet of the Apes universe. Released by Andy Serkis’ production company, The Imaginarium, Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier is produced by FoxNext Games and developed by The Imaginati Studio. Taking place between the events of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes, up to four players will make decisions that will deal with both ape and human species and their relationships between each other. Choices matter, so expect multiple endings and a lot of fighting between players as you try and make group decisions. It seems like a neat property to use the PlayLink feature, and I’ll be curious to see the quality  of the story compared to the films. It releases on November 21st for PS4.

Everything from this point on is a Nintendo Switch title, so there’s plenty of neat stuff to pick up for the Nintendo platform this holiday season. Let’s Sing 2018 was released before on the Wii and the PS4, but now the hit karaoke series has made its way to the Switch. On November 24th, aspiring singers can test their harmonies out with the 30-song tracklist and competitive multiplayer modes. The Switch is a great party platform, so this could be a good purchase for someone looking to bring together some non-gamers for some karaoke action.

Portal Knights

(Portal Knights, 505 Games)

Also coming to the Nintendo Switch is Portal Knights. The multiplayer co-op game can also be played by yourself, but utilizes the Switch’s Wireless Play, letting up to four players play together across two Switches. There’s also touch screen support for managing your inventory quickly, and online multiplayer. This is an easy sell for fans of Minecraft and adventure titles. It will be available on November 23rd digitally.

Then there’s Stick it to the Man which is being ported to the Nintendo Switch on November 23rd. This game was surprisingly a lot of fun and is getting a spiritual successor called Flipping Death in the future. This is another game where if you haven’t played it yet, it can’t hurt to pick it up on the Switch and add to your library of unique titles.

That’s about it for This Week in Games, but hopefully next week we’ll be back with more titles!

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