Whatcha Playin’? Humpday Haiku’s October 4th 2017

Cuphead, Studio MDHR

The huge game glut is almost upon us and this is one of the few weeks we will have to play some of our backlog. This is what the Bago Team is playing this week, in Haiku form, of course.

Patrick Kennedy – Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

(Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – Bethesda)

Nazis scum at the door
Wheelchair, guns, bitter hatred
Let’s go kill them all

Jerry Dobracki – Cuphead

(Cuphead – Studio MDHR)

Jump, shoot, jump, dodge
The art style is so gorgeous
Bring back Big Band Tunes

Ashley Schonberg – Thimbleweed Park

(Thimbleweek Park – Terrible Toybox)

A man is murdered
FBI to the rescue
The signals are strong

Alexx Aplin – Knack 2

(Knack II – Sony)

Knack is Back for More
A New Adventure In Store
Fighting Goblins For Sure

Jerry Dobracki – Final Fantasy IX HD

(Final Fantasy IX HD – Sony)

Missing this era
Creative and fun they were
Wish I could go back

This is what we’re playing this week before the huge Holiday rush, what’s in store for your systems this week?

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