Whatcha’ Playing? – Humpday Haiku’s 9-6-2017

For Honor - Ubisoft

Another week has gone by and it is time for more video game haiku’s from the staff here at BagoGames. We know it has been a busy week with PAX going on, but some of us had some time to pop in some digital entertainment. This is what we were playing if we weren’t at PAX.

Eleni-Chan – Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

(Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Nintendo)

I lead my army
Into the depths of the earth
we search for the truth

M. Charles Barnhart – For Honor

(For Honor – Ubisoft)

Wood, steel, blood, and pride.
Warriors rise like mountains,
Fall like Autumn leaves.

Ashley Schonberg – Moonlighter

(Moonlighter – 11 Bit Studios)

Shopkeep dreams of more
Plunders dungeons in the night
Sells loot to pay bills

Josh Nichols – Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

(Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Bethesda)

Snatching secret plans
Back to Castle Wolfenstein
Just like the classics

Jerry Dobracki – Blood Stone 007

(Blood Stone 007 – Activision)

Bond, James Bond is back
Better than the movies now
Need a sequel please

Chris Penwell – Dokopon Kingdom


(Dokopon Kingdom – Atlus)

This game is so fun
Party Game + Roleplaying
You’ll thank me later

That’s what we’ve got in our systems and PC’s this week. What are you working on faithful readers? Let us know in the comments!

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