Xenoraid PS Vita Code Summer Giveaway

(Xenoraid, 10tons)
(Xenoraid, 10tons)

Welcome to our next summer giveaway! We are hosting a Xenoraid PS Vita Code Giveaway!

Xeonraid is from the Finland-based 10tons developer studio. The 10tons developers made use of the Vita’s touchscreen so there is plenty to enjoy! The alien threat is here, and it is up to you to use your pilot skills to defend! Every situation will require smart thinking and quick timing. Squadrons require repairing, but when players repair their ships, they will have an option to upgrade, too!

In this shoot’em up game, while in combat players can switch between four separate fighters to ensure their victory. Players will have the ability to upgrade their ship’s tech and upgrade their weapons as they decide to take on more challenging fights. The Campaign Mode includes 40 missions and even four separate boss fights. In addition to the Campaign Mode, Xenoraid also has three separate survival stages.

There are multiple ways to enter, and each person can have several entries. One winner will receive a PS store code for Xenoraid. You can read more about this fun space game by visiting the PS Store. This Giveaway closes on Saturday, August 5th. Good Luck everyone!

Xenoraid PS Vita Code Giveaway

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