Yarny Returns in Unravel 2, This Time With a Friend

Unravel captured fans’ hearts instantly, when it was announced in the summer of 2015. Yarny, the adorable, fuzzy protagonist, braved the wilderness on his own, using his trusty red string to swing, jump, and roll through obstacle after obstacle. His second adventure begins with tragedy. He severs his string, loses his spark, and suddenly arrives into an unfamiliar world. However, this isn’t the end for him, because out of tragedy can rise a new hope.

Unravel 2, announced today at EA Play, brings Yarny back, better than ever. He discovers a yarn-made creature, just like himself, and they begin to form a new bond. They put that bond to the test and adventure together, helping each other through every trial.

How it’s played

Yarny’s new adventure is a co-op game for two players, with one controlling Yarny, and the other controlling the new, blue yarn creature. Each player holds one end of a fused-together string. You can use this string to get past obstacles, cross gaps, and many more things, but it also presents an extra challenge. If you tangle your joint string, you aren’t going anywhere. Cooperation and communication are a must. The new game has added a lot more fast-paced trials, to make co-op play more interesting, and a lot of new threats and challenges await.

However, Martin Sahlin assures players that co-op isn’t the only way to play Unravel 2. When playing solo, one player can control both yarn creatures, one at a time. During the fast-paced running sections, you can “pick up” the other yarn creature and carry them to the end. At that point, you can split them apart, solve puzzles and platforming challenges, switching focus as needed.

Both singleplayer and co-op modes of play were previewed at E3’s show, and they both look fantastic. The game has other features that weren’t mentioned in the preview, such as the ability to obtain other Yarnys in different colors. But if you’re excited about Unravel 2, there’s even better news: It’s out today.

Unravel 2 is now available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For more information and a trailer, visit Unravel 2’s website, here.

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