My Nintendo Finally Becomes Useful, Can Be Used To Buy Switch Games and DLC


Switch fans rejoice, as Nintendo announced today that My Nintendo will finally become a useful service! My Nintendo Gold Points will be gaining a new function in early March. These points, which are earned through a small kickback when buying 3DS, Wii U, and Switch games digitally or physically, will now be available to use when purchasing Nintendo Switch games and DLC from the eShop when the changes take place. While there is no exact date announced for when these changes will occur, Nintendo has stated that around early March the new system will be implemented. There is no word on how many points games and DLC will cost.

While digital Wii U, 3DS, and Switch games get you a 5% value kickback of Gold Points every time you purchase them, Switch physical games only get you a 1% value, so be wary if you prefer physical copies of your games. Also, note that your points expire at the end of the month 12 months after receiving them. They don’t last forever, so start redeeming soon.

While there are some small caveats as mentioned above, overall, with games costing around $60 nowadays, any discount you can find is a blessing, and this is no different. When My Nintendo was launched in early 2016, many fans missed the superior rewards that were often found in its predecessor rewards program, Club Nintendo. Hopefully, this new, useful change will bring fans back around on My Nintendo.

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