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Bad Fodder Figures: Episode 02 – Hacked Toys

Bad Fodder Figures: Episode 02 – Hacked Toys

Host: Mike
Co-Hosts: Matt, Jeremy, Eric

Phone: 508-659-BFFS


Discussion around cable cutting and who has done what, due to the this announcement of YouTube TV:

Xbox One X launch week
Maybe more follow up from the discussion Jeremy and Aaron were having on Twitter?
Excitement level?
4K assets making some games come in around 180GB:

Voice Mails (508-659-BFFS)
Fred French

Question from TeamChaosTheory:
When do you think Playstation will start releasing info about its next gen system? Do you think microsoft might have jumped the gun with the Xbox1X, are the hardware improvements really that vast?

What we’ve been playing;
Mike: Fortnite, Wolfenstein, Shadow of Mordor, CoD WW2, Super Mario Odyssey
Matt: Call of Duty
Jeremy: Injustice 2, Doom
Eric: Shadow of War, Call of Duty, MARIO ODYSSEY, Wolfenstein, Hidden Agenda

Notable releases: 
Horizon Zero Dawn DLC
Hand of Fate 2
Need for Speed: Payback
Super Lucky’s Tale


PUBG releases on December 12th, includes new map

Bluehole to get more aggressive with cheaters

New trailers from Paris Games Week

LA Noire physical version requires a 14GB download

2mil copies ( or ⅓ of Switch owners) sold for Mario Odyssey

Rally the troops promotion

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