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Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition Review : Adding More Bowls and Blood

Blood Bowl is a very hit or miss game for people. You either love it, hate it, love to hate it or hate to love it. The random luck aspect of the game can either make for some of the most legendary comebacks in video games or result in some of the biggest bad luck strings that I have ever personally experienced. This all being said, luck is an aspect of the game, and Nuffle be praised. Blood Bowl 2 was just a bigger update with more quality of life changes than we had in Blood Bowl 1; the graphics looked crisper, the UI was improved, and the game just felt better.

The periodic addition of new teams being free for those that owned the game when they were released was a nice addition, and I think that the base game had replay value if you were someone that liked to play against other players, but it didn’t have a whole lot of single player replayability, and it certainly didn’t have some quality of life features. The Legendary Edition looks to change that, adding 8 more additional teams, an endless single-player mode called Eternal League, single player challenges, more all-star players, mixed teams, all-star teams, and a new Khemri stadium. There are also a lot of quality of life changes that make the game that much easier to play. There were tiny aspects that were annoying, like not being able to play in a League and fill it with AI if you didn’t have an even amount of friends, for example. A lot of little fixes add up to make the game that much better off, and I really think it makes a world of difference.

The eight teams are of great variety and all fulfill unique roles as teams, but it feels like none of them are really serious competitive teams. From the Goblins, Halflings, and Underworld teams that are just gimmicks, to the Amazon, Vampires, and the Kislev Circus that are very specialized, it feels like the new teams are mostly for the experienced players, but for the average Blood Bowl player looking to have fun, new players may want to try the Humans, Orcs, and High Elves. For players that might be newer to the game, there is no real reason to play these newer teams, as not only are they extremely specialized, they are just worse overall compared to all around good teams.

The addition of All-Star teams and Mixed teams is certainly a treat that looks to be added specifically for fun’s sake. The idea of taking the ridiculous units from certain teams and making a team that is just plainly overpowered is a fun idea, and it’s fun to see the insanity that is unleashed when a full mixed team or an all-star team goes head to head.

The Eternal League is a great addition, adding almost unlimited replayability of increasingly difficult tournaments, seasons, and cups to start playing a team from their humble beginnings all the way into an All-Star juggernaut. It’s probably the biggest addition in the entirety of the DLC and is almost worth getting it solely if you like playing Blood Bowl by yourself, and don’t necessarily have an urge to play against others online. It’s a simple, yet robust addition that adds almost unlimited single player content and I think it’s probably the single greatest addition to the Legendary edition.

The Challenge mode is intriguing but ultimately doesn’t amount to a whole lot. The challenges are varied and have interesting ideas but don’t quite hold the same appeal as the Eternal League. The gimmicky what-if situations are interesting as puzzles, but it’s hard to not feel frustrated when many of these situations are usually won by a roll of the dice. The additional multiplayer changes are nice as well and help add to the online versus experience, but ultimately the biggest takeaway from this DLC is the teams and the single player content.

If you look at what you are getting from the Legendary Edition at face value, you are getting eight teams, a very expanded single-player experience, a new stadium, new types of teams, and a bunch of quality of life changes to the game. Is it worth the price tag of $25? I believe that for the hardcore Blood Bowl player, it’s worth the price, even if you don’t play any of the teams. The Eternal League is worth the cover price right there, as it brings endless entertainment for you to play through. For the new player, $45 for the complete version of Blood Bowl 2 is a good price, and you are getting the complete package of what is one of the most fun digital tabletop games. The Legendary Edition is just more Blood Bowl, and if you love Blood Bowl, then you will love what you get in this. A nice addition to replayability, a good variety of new teams, and more multiplayer options, Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition is the best version of Blood Bowl 2 there is and if you enjoyed regular version, you will probably want to pick this up.

Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition

44.99 for Full Game/ 24.99 for DLC
Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition




  • Endless Single Player Mode
  • Eight New Teams
  • Enhanced Multiplayer Options Added


  • The Eight Teams are Mostly Gimmicky Teams
  • Challenge Mode Feels Unneccesary
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