Cycle 28 coming to Steam next month!

Cycle 28, Pill Bug Interactive

Prepare for dogfights and boss battles when Cycle 28 flies on to Steam March 9.

Pill Bug Interactive has announced that their 2D momentum-based shooter, will release on Steam next month and will feature “screen-shaking explosions” and a mystery meant to keep players coming back.

Cycle 28, Pill Bug Interactive

At first glance, Cycle 28 is an arcade classic-style game–it’s a 2D space shooter where the controls are simple, the action is fast-paced and dogfights with minions lead to screen-filling boss fights–but according to Pill Bug Interactive, the game is far different from what it appears to be.

Players will play as Olivia Bergen–a flight lieutenant separated from her fleet–who only knows Cycle 27. Olivia Bergen lives this cycle over and over again, and each and every time she drops into battle, the enemy is waiting. She doesn’t know who they are or what they want–she only knows that they stand in between herself and her home.

Cycle 28 features what Pill Bug Interactive calls “kaleidoscopic space combat” where players will powerslide their way between more bullets than any pilot lesser than Olivia Bergen could handle. While battling the mysterious enemy, players can unlock upgrades which yield up to 121 possible configurations. When they’re not in battle, players can expect to uncover the secrets of why they’re stuck in Cycle 27 and why the enemy is bent on stopping Olivia Bergen.For those who can’t wait for the full release on March 9, you can pre-purchase the game now on Upon doing so, you’ll receive early access to the beta where you’ll get a taste of what’s to come next month.

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