Knives Out Is Trying To Make Your Valentine’s Day A Little Less Lonely

Knives Out, NetEase

Famous female streamers will play the popular mobile battle royale game Knives Out, with you until Feb. 17.

Released in November of last year, Knives Out has gained praise from players around the world, ranking in the top three in Apple App store and Google Play store games category and as of last month, has over 200 million players.

Beginning on Feb. 8–and running through to Feb. 17–Knives Out players will have the opportunity to play a duo round with one of 100 famous female streamers from around the world (although at the time, the famous female streamers were not listed). According to NetEase, You Jump, I Jump–which is what this week-long event is titled–will not only allow players to play with streamers, but it will also give them the chance to receive a special gift (which, like the streamers, has not been named) from the streamer herself.

Knives Out, NetEase

While Knives Out is most known for its classic Battle Royale mode, it has a number of other modes to keep players engaged ranging from Fireteam Mode to 50vs50 Duo Mode. It’s also known for its limited-time events such as the Knives Out Christmas event–which features winter maps–and the Sniping Challenge. According to publisher NetEase, it’s these “constant, creative, funny new features and its solid quality that makes Knives Out excel from other mobile Battle Royale games.”

If you haven’t played Knives Out before, NetEase believes the You Jump, I Jump event to be the “perfect” time to try it out. Knives Out is available on the Apple App store and the Google Play store for free.


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