Early Access Preview: Look Your Loot

Look Your Loot is a single player mobile card game developed by Igor Suntsev at Dragosha Games. It was made with DEFOLD engine. In the game, you play as a tiny adventuresome mouse. The goal is to finish off a 54 card deck while trying to collect as much loot as possible. You can do this either by playing on a 2 by 2 grid or a 3 by 3 grid. The mouse faces goblins, skeletons, alligators, cats, spiders, and other monsters trying to stand between him and his loot. Learning the mechanics of each mouse class is the key to success.

The Different Classes

You begin as a knight who is skilled at using shields. After gathering enough coins you can unlock a combat mage who can cast fireballs. Following that is the thief who always seems to have keys on hand to unlock a chest. And then there’s the Paladin. He turns shields to lightning and has steel boots that avoid traps. Next, is the ruiner who is able to turn barrels into bombs. Then you unlock the druid who has health regeneration. Sir Lancelot follow and he’s skilled with range attacks. And at the end of it all, you get the Berserker. You can check out Mr. Mage’s gameplay in the video below.


Playing on either a grid with 4, 9, or eventually 16 cards, you’ll need to step either left and right or up and down. Thinking multiple turns in advance is a must so that you can unlock chests, consume potions, strengthen shields, avoid traps and defeat bosses. The person who collects the most loot in one round sits at the top of a daily leaderboard. This roguelike is fun but challenging and somewhat difficult to master.

Gathering enough loot to unlock a new class is a grind. And loot penalties for not completing the whole deck can feel steep at times. This only feels worse when you’ve spent time in one round only to get one gold piece. While this game might not be everyone’s cup of tea I would recommend it to anyone with a love of single player card games that is up for learning a new system and ready to take on a challenge.

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