Metro Exodus Delayed For Xbox One, PS4 & PC

(Metro Exodus - THQ Nordic/Deep Silver)

Metro Exodus, the third game in the survival/horror/stealth/shooter series, has been delayed by its developers. The open world game was originally set to be released late this year. However, the game will now be released sometime in 2019. Publisher Deep Silver has yet to provide a reason behind the delay.

Q1 2019 Release

In a press release to investors, developer THQ Nordic announced the delay but didn’t elaborate. In THQ Nordic’s press release, the announcement came as almost nonchalant, with the developers saying:

Together with them, we also look forward to Deep Silver’s next major release, Metro Exodus, which is now expected in Q1 2019.

As of yet, there are no other details on the delay. However, more information is expected in the coming weeks. Like its predecessors, Exodus focuses on Artyom, who is now fleeing the Metro tunnels. This is the first entry in the series to feature an open world, which may help explain the delay. However, it has been five years since the previous installment in the franchise. According to Deep Silver, the game will offer a “sandbox survival experience.” The plot is set to take place over the course of a year, with many non-linear levels.

E3 2017

The game was first announced at E3 2017 with a trailer. Deep Silver also released another trailer not long after showing off more creatures in the game. You can check out that trailer above. With that being said, very little else is known about the game. Going by the title and what we’ve seen about the game, it’s expected that the Metro is no longer habitable for Artyom and his allies, and must find somewhere else to live.

You can expect Metro Exodus to be released between January and February 2019. Hopefully, more details about the delay will be released soon. However, we’ll just have to settle for the trailers that have already been released so far.

Source: Deep Silver Press Release.

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