Fantasy Strike Set To Hit Nintendo Switch Alongside PC, PS4

Fantasy Strike, the new fighter from Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix lead designer David Sirlin, hits Nintendo Switch this summer, launching simultaneously with the PC and PlayStation 4 versions. Currently in Steam Early Access, Fantasy Strike is a 2D brawler, boasting a diverse cast and deceptively simple controls that make it an intuitive experience for newcomers maintaining the precise, timing-based gameplay and rich tactical depth that fighting game veterans have come to expect.

Fantasy Strike Set To Hit Nintendo Switch Alongside PC, PS4

(Fantasy Strike – Sirlin Games)

Speaking about the upcoming release, and more specifically, launching on Nintendo Switch, Mr. Sirlin said:

Fantasy Strike is the perfect fighting game for Switch. The Switch is a take-anywhere console, so fighting games would be great on it if not for how notoriously difficult they are to control. Usually, playing a fighting game on a JoyCon would be tough, but Fantasy Strike is designed specifically for that. Detach the JoyCons, give one to a friend, and you can play a deep, strategic fighting game anywhere.

Fantasy Strike is set to have a number of features, including:

  • Uses GGPO, the best-in-class networking technology any competent fighting game should use.
  • Game modes available now: play online quickmatch, directly challenge a friend, play local multiplayer, arcade, or try our full-featured practice mode. Several more modes are in the works.
  • Unique throw escape. To escape (normal) throws, simply let go of all your controls! You’ll automatically “yomi” counter any throw attempt.
  • Life bar shows discrete hit points. You always know exactly how much a combo will do because life bars show each individual hit point.

In their most recent patch for Steam Early Access, Sirlin Games added professional voice acting and facial animation for all 10 characters as well as a brand new Team Battle mode. In a this mode, players choose 3 characters each and play a variety of different match-ups, which is great as a tournament format as well as for casual play.

Fantasy Strike entered Steam Early Access in September of 2017. The game is currently available for $19.99 USD in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Hungarian, Turkish, Japanese, with additional language support planned for the final release.

Source: Sirlin Games Press Release.

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