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Film Fallout Podcast #80 – Kingsman Can Wait in The Good Place

Kingsman: The Golden Circle
(Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Twentieth Century Fox)

Christopher Cross and Dylan Schwan have donned their tailored suits and poured a nice glass of whiskey, just for this week’s review of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. We discuss some of the more outrageous moments, as well as how well the film handles doubling down on its absurdity. Oh, and Pedro Pascal. We love Pascal.

Dylan watched the newest Lego movie, The Lego Ninjago Movie, and talks about the series’ daddy issues. He also talks about how much Jeff Baena owes Aubrey Plaza for him watching The Little Hours. Meanwhile, Chris checked into the season two premiere of Kevin Can Wait to talk all about the controversy happening there. Both Chris and Dylan also saw the season two premiere of The Good Place which they absolutely had to discuss in detail.

The blu-ray releases this week include a Michael Haneke Criterion and a David Lynch documentary as a Criterion. Haneke’s The Piano Teacher is obviously our Blu-ray pick of the week. And we discuss the new Wes Anderson movie’s trailer, and new Lord & Miller and possible Taika Waititi projects. Come back next week when we begin October with a review of Gerald’s Game.

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