Wormhole Wars Alpha Windows Steam Key Giveaway Winners

This September we gave away ten Wormhole Wars alpha Windows Steam keys courtesy of the developers at 1047 Games. In this sci-fi multiplayer shooter, players can battle against friends or AI. Games support up to twelve players allowing for more fun. Since twelve players may play together, it’s bound to be loads of fun! You can watch the trailer above to see how players can fight against each other by creating wormholes and jumping through a portal.

Congratulations to our winners!

Bogdan Bogdanovych @AHrEJ1

Henry Ganaja @hganaja

Joe Rice-Jones

Justin Gonzalez @Paper_Hat

Oleg Jäger @Jiraiya54

Manuel Pagnini @Manu_demiurge

Jade Walker @JadeCantJuggle

Piero Tagle @pierotagle2

Anas Kachkach @anioshunterx

John Zmorowski

Thank you to everyone who participated in our September Giveaway! Our next giveaway will be happening soon so make sure to visit us again! Happy Gaming!


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