The Forbidden Arts Unveils First Major Content Update since Early Access Launch

Since The Forbidden Arts came to Early Access last week, Stingbot Games has been hard at work taking player feedback while they are working on new content for the game. The Early Access release had 30% of the content that the final release is meant to have, and soon players will have the chance to get their hands on an all-new section of this action-platformer.

On February 16th, Stingbot Games will be releasing the first major content update for The Forbidden Arts. This update will add a few hours of content and the “Northern Wastes” overworld area. In addition to this, the developers have stated that the major content update will add new gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and quality of life changes that will bring the overall content percentage to about 60% of what will be provided upon release.

(The Forbidden Arts, Stingbox Games)

I’m working on an Early Access review for The Forbidden Arts, which will discuss what I think about the game so far. With this new update, however, I am hoping that the bug fixes change some of the technical issues that I have had, as well as making the game work a little more smoothly. Overall I am optimistic about The Forbidden Arts, and I hope this content update will only make things even better.

It is hard to tell from the video they released what exactly they fixed and worked on, but when the update releases we should have more information, and I will do my best to make note of those in my Early Access Review.

The Forbidden Arts is a promising concept, and if you wanna see what the developers have in store, check out the video for the upcoming update that Stingbot Games has released on their YouTube Channel.


Source: StingBot Games YouTube Channel and Steam Store Page for The Forbidden Arts

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