Your Quest For Industrial Domination Can Start Today

Rise of Industry, Kasedo Games

Last Friday, Rise of Industry launched into Early Access and for $24.99, you can jump into the quest for industrial domination today.

Kasedo Games made this announcement last Friday with the release of a new trailer composed entirely of in-game assets meant to showcase Rise of Industry’s visuals, which Kasedo Games calls “stunning,” and explain the player’s role as a business tycoon next to build an industrial empire. You can watch the trailer here.

For those unfamiliar with Dapper Penguin Studios-developed Rise of Industry, it’s a tycoon-like game where players will utilize public relations and marketing to gain favor and repair damage with business partners, manage a transportation network, control advanced city and town AI and build a city on a procedurally generated map.

Rise of Industry, Kasedo Games

Following what Kasedo Games sees as a hugely successful campaign in early Alpha, Rise of Industry became the top-selling game of 2017 on and was voted into the top four realistic simulation games of 2017 on

Rise of Industry’s Early Access period comes with promises from Kasedo Games to add updates regularly and maintain constant community feedback, all in an effort to prepare and improve the game before its full release towards the end of 2018. A full development map complete with all planned updates can be viewed here.

“There are many hours of challenging and extremely stable gameplay already in Rise of Industry and as the roadmap shows, we’ve got so much more to come with regular and sizeable updates coming throughout Early Access,” said Dapper Penguin Studios CEO and Designer & Producer, Alex Mochi. “We’re always open to our community to answer any questions or address any feedback they may have and our Discord and social media channels continue to grow every day.”

According to Kasedo Games, the game will see additional features such as multiplayer added to the game, free of charge. Rise of Industry is available now on both Steam and GOG for PC, Mac, and Linux for $24.99.

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