Hand of the Gods Closed Beta Available for PlayStation Plus Members

(Hand of the Gods, Hi-Rez Studios)

Hand of the Gods is a collectible-card strategy game coming to the PS4 from Hi-Rez Studios, who also developed the popular Smite game. In their new title, PlayStation Plus members are able to join the Closed Beta and try their hand at this kitchen-table (casual) style card game on the PS4. Plus members who join this beta will also gain a few special bonuses! One of the items is a PlayStation exclusive Galactic Invader Ah Puch leader skin.

Hand of the Gods / Hi-Rez Studios

The gods of myths are warring with each other and it is up to the player to lead them to a victory worthy of Mt. Olympus. This game allows players to summon mythological Gods and creatures. After summoning them by playing cards, the creatures and Gods appear as actual beings instead of merely cards. Players may take direct control and attack their opponent’s Summoning Stone. With characters modeled in Unreal Engine 4, the graphics are sure to please PS4 owners.

This Closed Beta is available for PlayStation Plus Members for free. Other PS4 owners may also partake in the beta by choosing a bundle on the PS Store. All Hand of the Gods bundles will include the Closed Beta access.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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