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Jeopardy PS4 Review – Pales to the Wheel

(Jeopardy, Ubisoft)

Jeopardy seems like an after-thought to Wheel of Fortune in the dual pack that Ubisoft offers. Many of the questions are recycled after a few games, and the game is presented in menus rather than a stage. It has a few fun mechanics to make it fun for a few rounds, but that’s it.

You are first presented with the iconic Jeopardy theme song that gets you into the mood of playing the game, but as you step into this game show, you realize that it’s a cheap cash in. Jeopardy has no host, no stage, and no avatars to represent yourself. Just names, pictures, and graphics. The music does a good job of replicating a game show, and the sounds of the game make each correct answer satisfying and each wrong answer disappointing, but the way it is represented pales in comparison to Wheel of Fortune.

With this trivia game, you play two rounds of questions against your friends and family (or the computer, but I don’t see why you want to do that) under the buzzer. There are five different categories to choose from and each question ranges in a different cash amount. The higher the cash amount, the more difficult the question. Unlike the game show, when you buzz in, there is multiple choice. The questions are still challenging because the multiple choices do a great job of misleading players with similar answers.

The best thing about this game is that you can customize the questions to what you would like. You can pick all, one, or two categories out of the set of questions available. As my friends and I suck at general knowledge (and the questions are as difficult as the show), we wanted to answer entertainment questions, which featured questions about sports, music, and movies. For a few rounds, we had a great time, getting competitive with the buzzer and laughing at each other whenever we got something wrong. However, there is a lack of entertainment questions as we had the same topic coming up over and over again. It was incredibly disappointing. Wheel of Fortune has a lot of puzzles to play, but it seems like Jeopardy got Daily Duped. This is the worst sin that a trivia game can have, as you will already know the answers to the question. There is no fun in that. We swapped to general knowledge questions after that, and we failed terribly. Another issue to bring up is that this game is very American-centric, so if you don’t know your American trivia in or out of the States, you’re going to have a tough time.

There is also a family mode in Jeopardy, which has easier questions that kids and their parents can understand. They’re fairly easy, especially with the multiple choice, but it’s a great game to put on for a Christmas trivia game with kids around.

If you know your trivia, Jeopardy is a game I can recommend as there would likely be way more variety than just picking one category. It provides a simple, but effective way to play the game with your friends and family. If you’re looking for one or the other, I’d take a spin at the wheel with Wheel of Fortune instead as it provides much more content and replayability with its leveling system. People are also playing Wheel of Fortune online, and I could not connect to anyone with Jeopardy.

A PS4 Review Copy of Jeopardy was provided by Ubisoft for the purpose of this review.




5.5 /10


  • Buzzing in and answering trivia is fun in nature
  • Family mode is great for families
  • Multiple categories to pick from and customize


  • Questions repeat after a few rounds
  • Presentation is cheap
  • Questions can be too American-centric

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