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Juicy Realm Review: Lots Of Juice, Not Much Flavour

Juicy Realm Review SpaceCan Steam PC
(Juicy Realm - SpaceCan)

Juicy Realm brings a somewhat interesting premise to the Roguelike genre. Plant/animal hybrids are overthrowing humanity. A developer’s imagination can run wild with a premise like that, as can the player’s. Given that the game has been nominated for several awards, it’s obviously doing something right.


Juicy Realm Review SpaceCan

(Juicy Realm – SpaceCan)

Anyone’s initial impression of the game would boil down to Juicy Realm‘s visuals. There’s a reason developer SpaceCan took home the top spot at 2017’s Indieplay. The game’s Art Developer, who makes up half of SpaceCan, made his living as a comic strip artist before becoming an Indie Developer and it shows in-game.

That being said, however, this Roguelike game’s visuals go above and beyond what many would expect from a typical comic strip artist. It nails its art style throughout the entire game. Enemies stand out for all the right reasons because of that, even in some of the beautiful backgrounds.


Visuals, however, are where the game’s bonuses end. Roguelike games don’t tend to have many mechanical qualities that make them stand out. The genre really restricts the game here. Despite being entertaining for an afternoon, the paint-by-numbers combat featured in many Roguelikes begins to grow tiresome.

The game brings almost nothing new to the genre despite looking amazing. Unfortunately, SpaceCan seems unable to overcome the restrictions of an already overdone game type.

All Looks, No Filler

Juicy Realm Review

(Juicy Realm -SpaceCan)

There are many games you could explore for hours because of how beautiful the game world is. Many players have spent countless hours exploring the likes of the Fallout franchise due to how well the game is rendered. However, those games are free to let players do some exploring.

Juicy Realm is way too restricted by its genre, and it shows. With that said, developer SpaceCan has potential. They could make a damn good game in a different genre. However, this game and this genre won’t be it.

Juicy Realm

Juicy Realm


6.5 /10


9.0 /10


5.5 /10


6.0 /10


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