Subaeria Out on Console and PC With Discount

iLLOGIKA, is an independent development studio based in Montreal. It announces Subaeria‘s release on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. It was in Early Access. This is the studio’s first self-published game. Their previous work includes aiding in the development of Cuphead, Hitman GO, and Lara Croft GOSubaeria is on sale across all platforms through its launch week. Selling for $12.75 from May 9th to May 16th, its original asking price is $14.99. The game has received positive ratings from both IGN Spain and GameSpew.

iLLOGIKA’s founder, David Fugère-Lamarre, said the following on the game’s release. “The release of Subaeria is a significant milestone for iLLOGIKA as we are able to showcase the breadth of our team’s development expertise in one title.  As we are getting more recognized by the industry for our collaborations with leading publishers, it is important for us to demonstrate our ability to develop a game from its infancy stage all the way to its launch on multiple platforms

Subaeria, iLLOGIKA

About Subaeria

Subaeria has players manipulate enemies into destroying each other. And each level requires a different strategy. Therefore, players will need to be smart about how they approach new situations. Furthermore, Subaeria combines platforming and puzzle mechanics. The single player campaign tasks players with controlling their robot adversaries’ movements using the drone. As you’d expect, playthroughs are generated with an increasing level of difficulty. New power-ups will demand the employment of new strategies as you manipulate the character’s skills. And new skills, skins, and buffs can be unlocked with each playthrough. The team is encouraging players to leave their feedback on Steam. And they would love anyone streaming the game to let them know.

More about iLLOGIKA:

“Creating new interactive worlds fascinates us. Playing with new technologies motivates us. Comradeship guides us: this is iLLOGIKA. We are a Montreal indie studio which has shipped more than fifty projects, collaborated on award-winning games (such as Cuphead, Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go)  and covered a large field of expertise (Unity, Unreal, VR, AR). With our team of 40 talented people, we are ready for any challenge!”

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