Midnight in Salem Announcement Made by Her Interactive

Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem, Her Interactive

Nancy Drew games from Her Interactive are a favorite among the mystery point-and-click gamers. About three years ago, the developers teased a trailer for their “latest” ND game: Midnight in Salem. The company has been completely quite on this title by refusing to answer public inquiries as to when the game would be released. Suddenly new information has come to the light this week through their Midnight in Salem announcement.

A newsletter released by Her Interactive was posted on the developer’s website and somewhat explains the lengthy wait for the game. According to this Midnight in Salem announcement, the game will be released Spring 2019. Within the statement, the company says the new engine they are using to develop Midnight will allow releases for PC/ Mac, tablets, consoles and surprising VR. Having this game on the Nintendo Switch would be convenient since players could play the game on a large TV screen and take it with them on the go.

All of the main series games have been released on PC/Mac with the Ghost of Thorton Hall tablet and White Wolf of Icicle Creek Wii releases. So it seems the developers have toyed with the idea of their games moving to other platforms for some time.

The silence from the company on the new direction of the voice acting and the forever-pending release date of their new ND game has raised serious questions from their fan base. It seems that Her Interactive is intending to produce the most amazing Nancy Drew mystery game ever produced so far. We only have to wait a year and a half. If you are an ND mystery enthusiast leave your thoughts about the Midnight in Salem new release date and what console you hope it will be released on in the comment section below!

Source: Her Interactive


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