A New Tower-Defense Game Looking To Refresh The Genre Is Out Now

Simulation, base-building and tower defense come together in Hiker Games’ newest mobile game, Caravan War.

Out now on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, Caravan War pits opposing caravans in skirmishes for economic supremacy with visuals similar to those of the popular Supercell game, Clash Royale, in not only PvE battles, but PvP battles as well.

Caravan War, Hiker Games

Best known for their mobile shooter, FZ9: Timeshift, Hiker Games was the first Vietnamese studio–they’re based in Hanoi–to ship a PC title, which was 7554, and release a game on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (Toy Odyssey). Hiker Games cites their “iterative production methods” and “exceedingly high-quality standards” as the key drivers to the studio’s goal: to become a “top 200” developer of games that are as popular as they are polished, according to Hiker Games.

Caravan War takes the historical challenges associated with the Silk Road trading route and turns it into an illustrated multiplayer tower defense game. Players will have to blend strategy before the battle and during it in order to manage their commercial empire properly and secure more resources. Beyond the caravan, players will be tasked with assembling a squad of towers and units–some equipped with special abilities–that will defend their goods and resources from opposing raiders.

According to the product lead at Hiker Games, Phuong Nguyen Vu, the tower defense genre is in need of innovation and Caravan War, is looking to make that happen.

“We love tower defense games–but we also know that the genre is in need of some innovation,” Vu said. “The answer is multiplayer. Caravan War is laser-focused on PvP–with kinetic gameplay not unlike a real-time strategy game, since you do whatever it takes to defend your caravan.”

“Sure, we have PvE combat as well but there’s nothing quite like building a powerful squad and grinding your enemies to dust,” Vu continued. “Who says hostile takeovers can’t be fun?”

Caravan War is available now on the Apple App store and Google Play store and is free to download although the game does feature in-app purchases.

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