Splatoon 2’s Marina and Pearl getting the amiibo treatment!

Splatoon 2, Nintendo

amiibo fans, get ready, as a new 2-pack is inkoming (ha!) to a store near you very soon! Nintendo unveiled over the weekend that Marina and Pearl of Splatoon 2 fame will be the newest Nintendo characters to get the amiibo treatment, being released at a now unannounced later time of the year. Dubbed The Off The Hook 2-pack, the two will only be available together, much like their predecessors Callie and Marie were for their original Splatoon 2-pack.

The Splatoon line of amiibo has been growing steadily since the original title in the series release, with two 3-packs of boy and girl inklings and their squid forms, the aforementioned Callie and Marie 2-pack, and various amiibo cards as well. The two will be retailing for $24.99, and it is currently unknown what their function will be in the game. As previously stated, we don’t know when the 2-pack will be launching, but Nintendo revealed through a video announcement (that was less than a minute long and featured around six puns, just terrible) to stay tuned for more info about the new 2-pack. As Splatoon 2 continues to receive updates and content from Nintendo, it is likely the pack will be coming near the 1-year mark for the release of Splatoon 2, as that is when Nintendo is planning on ending the content drops for the game.


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