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Poe Dameron Jacket Review – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

With the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes that special feeling where the desire to buy any and all merch sets in. That Porg plush on the shelf? Yours. That Rey shirt? Also, yours. That Lightsaber that is actually an umbrella? Yours.

Usually, I fall victim to this merchandise overload with the release of every Star Wars movie, post-Disney purchase. I own multiple button-ups with the Millennium Falcon flying across. I have a shirt with Yoda floating on flowers. I have a shirt with a profile of Rey. I have more Star Wars shirts than necessary–scratch that; they are all necessary. I have Star Wars  posters hanging around my house, I have action figures, plushies, coasters, books and more. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Star Wars merchandise, and most certainly to my fiancé’s dismay.

This year is different.

This year, I received an item that has (temporarily) put my capitalistic nature to purchase anything Star Wars in sight to the wayside.

BagoGames received a Star Wars: The Last Jedi Poe Dameron jacket from for the purpose of creating an unboxing video and this article. With that being said, and because the jacket was free, feel free to take these words as a grain of salt. Check out my video below:

The jacket I received is my new favorite jacket. If you’ve seen pictures of Poe’s The Last Jedi outfit, you’ve seen this jacket. He dons black boots, brown pants, a tan henley shirt and the jacket I now own–a dark brown, leather jacket that zips up three-quarters of the way up, with a resistance logo patch on the left shoulder.

Disney, Vanity Fair photo

Simply put, has done a wonderful job replicating the jacket Poe wears in the movie. In the movie, Poe’s jacket is certainly more stressed, worn, used and abused. My jacket is still shiny, still clean and devoid of any signs indicating I’ve worn this on Jakku or while piloting an X-Wing. With some interesting techniques I’ve learned via YouTube, I believe I’ll have this jacket looking worn in time for the premiere tonight.

As far as comfortability goes, this jacket, like most leather jackets, is still stiff. I imagine that the more I wear it, the more the strands of leather will loosen up, granting me that feeling of a perfect fit.

Out of the box, or in this case, a bag, the sleeves are strangely long. My large size jacket has sleeves that extend to my fingertips when my hands are at my sides. To compensate, I simply rolled the sleeves up inside themselves.

The resistance logo on the left shoulder area is smaller than the one donning Poe’s jacket. It is also more cleanly red and white, while Poe’s appears to be maroon and tan, likely from the stress the jacket has endured.

For the price of $159–although, today, Dec. 14, it appears to be on sale for $129–this jacket is the perfect fit for your Poe Dameron cosplay or you’re subtle attempt at looking fashionable while also repping your favorite brand, or in this case, resistance movement whose purpose is to destroy the First Order and once again, restore peace to the galaxy.

USA Jackets, Poe Dameron

You can purchase this jacket here:

Poe Cameron jacket





  • Legit leather jacket suitable for cold weather and Jakku's harsh sand storms
  • Great fit for the galaxy's best pilot
  • Save for a few small things, the jacket is nearly identical to the one in the movie
  • Great price for what you get


  • Resistance logo could be bigger
  • Resistance logo colors are just a tad off
  • Sleeves are strangely long

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