Rage 2 Gameplay from Bethesda’s E3 Showcase

Building on the initial reveal trailer, Rage 2 got a new gameplay trailer at Bethesda’s E3 showcase. Rage 2 is coming in Spring 2019.

Lay Waste to the Wasteland

Co-developed between iD Software and Avalanche studios, Rage 2 has you playing as the last Ranger, Walker. Amid the wasteland of an asteroid-induced apocalypse, you will have to shoot, bash, and otherwise murder bandits and crazed lunatics with guns and strange powers. This seems like a large departure from the fairly grim tone of the original Rage. This will be Avalanche Studios first foray into the FPS genre, but they seem to have brought their trademark intensity and craziness all the same. The on-foot combat looks fast and fluid, with guns blazing and powers popping constantly. iD is known for creating/popularizing the FPS genre, so partnering them with Avalanche for an open world FPS is a masterful match. The game looks like a ton of fun.

The original Rage was fine FPS that set graphical and control standards at the time. But too much car combat and an insultingly short campaign left a bad taste after finishing it. Rage was technically an open world but built as a linear series of quests with dungeons you visited once. This seems to embrace the open destruction and chaos Avalanche built their name on while being a fluid and snappy FPS. Bethesda has basically cornered the market on single-player shooters. Between Rage, Doom, Fallout, and Wolfenstein, if someone is looking for a satisfying solo experience while firing guns, Bethesda has them covered.

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