Rainbow Six siege: The ups, The downs and becoming toxic

From humble beginnings:

Rainbow 6 Siege was a developmental mess in its early days and still suffers from slight issues, such as daily server crashing or graphical glitches. I remember back in 2014/2015 when ‘Rainbow 6 Patriots’ was announced, being a fan of the ‘Rainbow 6’ series through childhood, this filled me with joy and the proposed storyline was that of anti-terrorism, a hobby of mine. However, ‘Patriots’ fell into a limbo common among good games today where controversial views led to its destruction. The dev teams responsible for patriots were forced to flip the script last second and thus siege was born. In the first year of this game, I played 8 hours before giving up on it due to lack of content and skill.

The modern-day return:

By the end of summer 2017 I needed some more competitive gameplay in my life, but more than the same old shoot bang experience. One evening my friends suggested we play siege, and if we could go back I would’ve turned him down in an instant because he ruined my life. I became addicted, unable to go a day without securing the area as the attackers or roaming the objective as defenders, the thrill of the game was unparalleled. But with all great excitement comes a deep depression after its passing, I started to get what the games community refers to as “tilted” each time I lost/died, I started blaming my friends for being bad when really it was me who was holding them back! We came to lose the feeling of fun we initially enjoyed and it was tearing us apart. The solution was simple, we had to become toxic towards everyone else. Let me tell you, I can’t believe how much this decision changed me, I became the thing I hated the most. We started recruit rushing, spawn-peeking, trolling both our team and the enemies and purposely throwing games we were winning to remain in copper rank where everyone was as bad as us.

The resolution:

Today, I have settled down on my toxicity; only teamkilling once a week at most. The game is getting as exciting as ever with year 3 and new operators approaching. However, I will be nowhere near the pro leagues with my skill level. But to me, more operators just means more rainbow 6 memes and that is truly the exciting point of the whole thing.

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