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Razer Naga Trinity Unboxing and First Look

Side buttons on a mouse can seem like a burden or a luxury depending on who you ask. Me, I tend to stick to the basics nothing to fancy pants. What can the Razer Naga Trinity offer you besides everything you already enjoy about the Naga series of gaming mice? Well this time around Razer decided it would be a good idea to provide a mouse that you can customize… the side button pieces anyway.

In this unboxing, I’ll be taking a look at the box, what’s inside and providing my first impressions or a first look at using the mouse for a short period of time. I own an old 3500g Deathadder (which launched over 7 years ago, which is still going strong today. It’s a little worn but she’s alright nonetheless.

Is this enough for you to make the switch from your current mouse though? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

Source: YouTube

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