Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Han Solo Season Release Date Announced

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Jabba's Palace
(Star Wars Battlefront 2 - EA)

It didn’t take long for Star Wars Battlefront 2 players to guess that, ahead of the upcoming Han Solo movie, the game would get a Solo season. Now, developer DICE and EA have announced when the new season will be released. According to an announcement by EA, the first leg of Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s Han Solo Season will be centered around the original trilogy, with players being able to play through Jabba the Hut’s palace and a few more classic settings.

Jabba’s Palace

Describing the setting, EA has said:

What happens when you don’t pay a Hutt on time? You end up as an accent piece in his throne room… a lesson Han Solo learned the hard way. This month, fans of Star Wars Battlefront can revisit Jabba’s Palace in Star Wars Battlefront II as part of The Han Solo Season. Available in Blast, Hero Showdown, or Heroes vs. Villains, players will be able to iron out their differences in the twists and turns of Jabba’s abode.

Star Wars Battlefront 2's Han Solo Season Release Date Announced

(Star Wars Battlefront 2 – EA)

Hero Showdown

In Hero Showdown, players will also be able to pair up with Chewbacca in a Heroes versus Villains elimination tournament, as well as using many other heroes already released for the game. However, players will have to variate their choices in each round according to EA, players won’t be able to use Han and Chewbacca in two consecutive rounds; instead, after the first round, those heroes will be shelved and players will have to pick new ones.

EA and DICE have also announced that they’ll be introducing Starfighter Custom Arcade. Here players will be able to hone their piloting skills, something which is only fitting for anyone playing as Han. Describing the addition, EA has said:

No need to fly casual; you’ve asked for it, and we’re excited to add Starfighter Custom Arcade to Star Wars Battlefront II. You’ll be able to hone your skills in the cockpit with Starfighters from all eras, whether you’re aiming to turn Rebellion X-wings into stardust with your TIE/LN or hop into the Millennium Falcon to fly circles around enemy starfighters.

Han Solo’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 Season lands on May 16.

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