Where’s My Sequel?: L.A. Noire

(L.A Noire - Rockstar Games/Team Bondi)
(L.A Noire - Rockstar Games/Team Bondi)

Even before release, L.A. Noire was geared to be the start of a franchise. Its commercial and critical acclaim helped stir talk of a sequel. It’s easy to see why. The game had a good storyline, great characters and believable motion-capture for interrogations.

Searching for That Sequel

The game captured the attention of the vast majority of gamers with sales skyrocketing and many praising almost every aspect. It garnered so much praise from fans that people wanted a sequel as soon as possible. A quick Google search for ‘L.A. Noire sequel’ yields page after page of forum posts dedicated to discussing a future installment in the franchise.

(L.A Noire - Rockstar Games/Team Bondi)

(L.A. Noire – Rockstar Games/Team Bondi)

The vast majority of these forums detail when a sequel will be released or discussing unconfirmed rumors that it’s already being worked on. Many of these theories have been proven to be false, however, even though we’d all wish they were true.

It’s perfectly understandable why players would want an L.A Noire sequel. The world map rivaled many of the modern Grand Theft Auto games and it had a story any RPG would be proud of. Add in the crisp visuals and some pretty smooth motion capture action for interviews, and you’ve set yourself up for success. Team Bondi knew this and was well prepared for future installments.

However, Team Bondi (the game’s developer) was shut down not long after its release, with the development team itself moving onto a range of other projects and teams. This was in spite of the game’s universal success. In that regard, it looks as though a sequel won’t be seeing the light of day anytime soon. That being said, many members of the original team, including the game’s director, have expressed interest in returning to the franchise. There’s always going to be some hope for an L.A Noire sequel.

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