The Surge’s A Walk in the Park DLC is an Amusement Park Gone Wrong

Earlier this year, Deck13 followed up their Dark Souls-inspired Lords of the Fallen with a science fiction version entitled The Surge. Published by Focus Home Interactive, the game had an interesting mechanic that involved killing enemies and taking their gear depending on which part of the body you attacked. Focus on an arm, and you’ll have a chance to get new gear for your arm. The Surge is now getting its first big expansion in the form of A Walk in the Park, which releases on December 5th. You can watch a trailer for it above.

A Walk in the Park offers players a chance to visit CREO World – an amusement park designed for CREO employees and their families. Of course, after The Surge happened, everything has gone very, very wrong and the park is now overrun by insane, murderous robots and employees. You’ll find new weapons, armor, and enemies to face as you navigate your way through the treacherous park.

It’s a weird, but promising trailer, for a few reasons. Most notably is that this is the most vibrant The Surge has ever looked. The base game was very drab looking and offered very little in terms of environment variety. A Walk in the Park offers much, much more color to its setting and the inclusion of enemies like mascots helps give it a little bit more personality. Which is the other thing that The Surge lacked. I get major Nuka-World vibes from Fallout 4, as well as some Dead Rising aesthetic that makes me feel like the game is moving away from its very serious tone. There were moments of humor injected into the core experience, but it was so rare.

On top of A Walk in the Park being released in December, those who haven’t picked up The Surge yet can get everything that’s been released so far including the new expansion with The Surge: Complete Edition. It comes with The SurgeA Walk in the Park, as well as the Fire & Ice Weapon Pack DLC and the CREO Special Employee Kit DLC. Both A Walk in the Park and The Surge: Complete Edition will be available on December 5th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Focus Home Interactive Press Release

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