Team Racing League Giveaway Winners

Team Racing League Giveaway, Gamious
Team Racing League, Gamious

Congratulations to our winners of the Team Racing League Giveaway!!

Our Winners:

Bijan A

Sebastian Schreiber

Jakub Bojańczyk @BojanAsda

AkiraPlays @PerguntaNinguem

Kevin Nneustadt

Anna Malkova

Michael Hurt

alice tomosik

Emmanuel Class (S) @eclassFUE

Yevhenii Pokutni @zeka_p

In Team Racing League players will need to play as a team in order to win. Two teams each composed of three players will compete to reach the finish line. Yet, only one member from the team needs to make it to the finish line to win the victory for the team! The other two members of the team will be of great use by trying to support their lead racer or even fight for the position of number one! You can learn more about the game through the Steam Store.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our August Giveaway. Look forward to a new giveaway coming this weekend! Visit BagoGames again for the latest gaming and entertainment news, features and fun giveaways!

Happy Gaming!

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