Turmoil Gets ‘The Heat is On’ DLC

Gamious, a small Dutch game developer, has released Turmoil: The Heat is On, the newest DLC for their flagship title Turmoil. The game is a strategic simulation game set during the 19th-century oil rush in North America. Players fill the shoes of an oil entrepreneur by prospecting, mining and selling oil. As the oil town grows up around them, they can outbid their competitors for town shares and become the new mayor.

Turmoil Gamious

Jos Bouman, the Creative Director at Gamious, spoke about the new DLC in a statement, saying:

We have been working constantly on new ideas and features. Not only to extend the enjoyment of Turmoil, but to make the game even more intuitive and immersive. We have certainly learned a lot from the original game, and the DLC marks a big shift forward, which is apparent from the moment you start playing. Turmoil has easy to understand mechanics, for both novice and expert players, with many layers of game challenges to offer hours of gameplay.

The Heat Is On is set to bring a number of new features, including:

  • A new town (and mayor) and a new oil-rich map divided into three areas.
  • In each area, new drilling mechanics are introduced, powered by a new underground substance: magma.
  • You’ll see familiar faces like Edward and Fred and William. They brought their goods with them in train wagons, so you can instantly stock up on all your favourite drilling gear.
  • New characters, like Philip, who runs a shady card game in the saloon, Jack that runs a magma tools operation from his shed. He likes chicken.

Turmoil: The Heat Is On is a brand-new campaign with tons of oil to dig up and convert into cash. It is designed to make you feel right at home, but at the same time offering lots of new mechanics and fun features. Turmoil is a strategic simulation game set during the 19th-century oil rush in North America.

Source: Gamious Press Release.

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