Fallout 76 To Have Anti-Trolling Measures

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When Fallout 76 was announced at E3, many people were skeptical. That doesn’t mean they weren’t excited, however, there were some issues that had people worried. Most of this focused on the always online, PvP aspect of the game.

Any game with an online component inevitably has some form of trolling. However, that’s not going to be the case with the new Fallout installment. At least, that’s according to Pete Hines. According to an interview Mr. Hines had with GameSpot, the game has built-in anti-trolling measures. However, he didn’t go into specifics. What he did say, though, was interesting.

As Mr. Hines told GameSpot:

When you see a person in the world, they’re a real person, and now you have to figure out [what role they play]…maybe they’re being super helpful, maybe they’re wandering the world as a trader and just trading with people, maybe they’re being a bad guy and they’re part of a raider group. [We allow] for that sort of tension but with systems in place that keep it from being abusive. So you can’t be harassed by somebody who just keeps chasing you around the world and keeps killing you over and over again; the game literally doesn’t allow that to happen to you.

Right now, it looks like players will actually be able to enjoy the online aspect of the game. If what Mr. Hines says is true, then there shouldn’t be much leeway for trolling. However, trolls normally do find a way to work around these kinds of things. Hopefully, it won’t ruin many players’ experiences with the game.

Mr. Hines also commented more on the PvP aspect of Fallout 76, saying:

Think of PvP more like issuing a challenge to somebody as opposed to just, ‘no matter what I want to do to somebody, I can. The game only lets that go so far before you can basically say, ‘I don’t want to participate in this challenge anymore.’

Fallout 76 is available November 14.

Source: GameSpot.

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