Ori and the Will of the Wisps Showcased During By Microsoft at E3

The upcoming adventure-platformer Ori and the Will of the Wisps received a new trailer today during Microsoft’s press conference at E3. This sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest was announced at E3 last year. And it is supposed to release by Moon Studios next year. The game will release in 4K UHD on the Xbox One X Enhanced. And it will be one of the Xbox Play Anywhere titles.

What Will The Story Include?

“Embark on an adventure with all new combat and customization options while exploring a vast, exotic world encountering larger than life enemies and challenging puzzles. Seek help from discoverable allies on your path to unravel Ori’s true destiny.”

Players take on the role of the white guardian spirit Ori. Solving puzzles leads players through inaccessible areas. The story leaves the forest of Nibel and ventures into new territory. Ori is accompanied by a young owl that is presumed to be the last child of Kuro from Ori and the Blind Forest. The game includes a new combat system. “Wield dozens of new spirit weapons, spells, and skills offering new dynamic combat mechanics to the world of Ori. Nimbly fight your way through untold danger and ruin with an entirely new arsenal at your disposal.” Additionally, there is a new toolkit available to customize play style “Choose your tools for adventure from dozens of newly acquired attacks, spells, and skills to match your style of play. In addition, utilize an all-new shard system to power up Ori’s capabilities.”

Will Ori and the Will of the Wisps Be Another Award Winning Title Be Expected?

Ori and the Blind Forest received countless rewards. This includes BAFTA’s Choice Award for Artistic Achievement. It also includes a Unity Award for Best 2D Visual. And they have OK Games Best Visuals. However, most of the awards are for music. They have the HMMA awards for best audio in a trailer. They also have the Jerry Goldsmith Award for the Best Score in a Video Game. Gareth Choke who compose the score for the last title will be returning to compose the score for Ori and the Will of Wisp.

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