Tokyo Xanadu Releasing in North America in 2017

Tokyo Xanadu

The JRPG developed by Nihon Falcom, Tokyo Xanadu, is coming to North America on the PS Vita and PC through Steam in 2017.

Aksys Games, the game’s publisher, made the announcement at this year’s Anime Expo. Both the physical retail version and the digital version will be available in NA for the Vita. Tokyo Xanadu was originally released in Japan last year.

Tokyo Xanadu is based on the PC franchise by Nihon Falcom. Set in a modern-day Tokyo in a fictional suburb, Persona fans will find some of the gameplay familiar since many elements were inspired by the Persona franchise. The game takes place in Morimiya City which borrows real locations from Tokyo. Those who have been to Tokyo (or are familiar with the well-known landmarks) will find several similarities between the real and the created cities. Cell phones and social media will easily be found throughout the story. Yet the dungeons and danger will be enough to tempt fantasy game players. Unlike most JRPGs where the battles are turn-based, the battle system features realtime party battles in Xanadu.

The enhanced edition titled Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is releasing this September in Japan. However, Aksys Games is not planning on localizing the enhanced edition in NA.

Source: Gematsu

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