The Trail: Frontier Challenge on Nintendo Switch!

The Trail began life as a free iOS adventure game with in-app purchases all the way back on August 30, 2016. The Trail: Frontier Challenge, which stealth launched on Nintendo Switch, is a port of the 2017 PC title of the same name. The Frontier Challenge subtitle denotes additional content including challenges and upgrade trees for character skills.

The Trail: Frontier Challenge is an exploratory adventure governed by simulation. Players embark on a journey across the American wilderness. After picking a character, players don a backpack and set on their way, collecting items for trading and crafting. As you become richer, you’ll be tasked to work with others to build thriving communities and reach the ultimate goal of becoming the leader of the most successful town of the American frontier.

Peter Molyneux, Creative Director at 22Cans, seemed excited about the impending Switch port. “The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic platform and one that is perfectly suited for The Trail: Frontier Challenge. Whether players are relaxing at home, or off on their own travels, there’s a completely immersive and beautiful experience to pick up and play“.

Additionally, Emily Greer, co-founder, and CEO of Kongregate, the title’s publisher had positive words on the porting process for Switch owners. “Developing for the Switch has been a new and exciting process for our team. The Trail is a perfect debut Switch title for us; it’s family-friendly and easy to put down and pick back up again. We think Switch players will really enjoy being able to take their cinematic adventure with them anywhere they go“.

The Trail: Frontier Challenge, Kongregate

More about publisher Kongregate:

Kongregate is a leading cross-platform game publisher and web gaming destination. Kongregate’s publishing focuses on free to play mid- and hard-core titles across mobile, Steam, and consoles. Working closely with mobile game developers, Kongregate publishing provides consulting, analytics, marketing, launch support, and game features such as cross-promotion, guilds, and chat. Kongregate’s mobile games have been downloaded tens of millions of times and have hundreds of millions of gameplay. Kongregate’s web platform features over 100,000 free games played by tens of millions of gamers per month. Kongregate is a part of leading international digital entertainment group MTG and is based in San Francisco. The company was founded in 2006 by brother-and-sister team Jim and Emily Greer.


More about developer 22Cans:

Founded by industry legend and creator of the God Game genre, Peter Molyneux, 22cans, Ltd. is an independent video game developer focusing on multi-platform and mobile. Throughout his career, Molyneux has introduced ground-breaking franchises for core audiences including Fable and Black & White. Now, with 22cans the focus is on creating games for the world, with innovation at its heart. The journey has only just begun.

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