Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

Andrew is all the way from South Africa. He was born and raised in a small city called Vereeniging. This is where he realized that video games can expand your imagination to endless worlds. Gaming is no longer for him just a means of entertainment, but a passion. From the young age of 7 gaming was the only way of expressing himself. Whenever he had the chance to play video games, he took it with both hands and played for hours. Little did he know that gaming would become his best friend. Andrew always enjoys a challenge, and gaming provided him with that over and over again, and sometimes it’s hard to conquer those challenges, but you just keep trying until you succeed. That is also what life is all about, there is always an obstacle you have to overcome, and he feels video games really helped him conquer every difficult situation he got in life. He hopes he can inspire people all around the world to see and understand what gaming is really about.


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