Abdul Saad

Abdul Saad

A games writer and anime connoisseur trying to share his passion wherever he goes.

Manga Review: Sensor

Junji Ito is my all-time favorite mangaka. The man is a literary and artistic genius. These aren't empty or unearned...

Call of the Sea Review

I must admit that I get drawn towards artistic looking games more often compared to regular games, especially those that...

Drake Hollow Review

From the folks at The Molasses Flood comes Drake Hollow, a colorful action-adventure sandbox game that sets players in a...

Spellbreak Review

Among many stale and generic battle royale titles, developer Proletariat dares to be different by introducing magical and fantasy elements...

Synergia Review

I've played quite a bit of visual novels in my lifetime, all of which range from the mundane and uninteresting...

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